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Crystal Skull

Murder at Tudor Mansion

You were invited to Tudor Mansion for a special dinner party by Millionaire Tycoon Mr.  Reginald Boddy, but something has gone terribly wrong.  Someone has just found the murdered body of your host.  You have one hour before the police arrive.  You must search Tudor Mansion, find the clues, and determine who killed Mr. Boddy, with what weapon, and in what room.......and escape with the evidence before you're convicted of murder yourself!

Players: 2-8    Difficulty: "Hard" 7-9

Legend of the Crystal Skull

    The Crystal Skull is a precious artifact that has been sought after for many years.  Recently its owner, Grant Bolet, died and the skull vanished.  Some say he took it with him to his grave.  Now many are on the hunt to find it.  Explore the ancient cemetery and crypt where Grant Bolet is buried and be the first to find this legendary relic and Escape.

Players: 2-8           Difficulty:  "Hard" 7-9

Played in the Dark

Hero Escape

You are a superhero for the day, caught in a "Time Warp" created by Mr Evil. The portal banishes you to a puzzle room in another dimension of time. You have 60 mins to escape and return to save the world before Mr. Evil takes over. Explore the power of your mind as it is taxed to find clues, solve logical puzzles, and uncover the secret to escaping the neon filled world you have found yourself in!


Players: 2-8             Difficulty: "Medium"  4-6

Played in Blacklight

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